Before you make a final decision about hiring a company to build a loft conversion there are several things you must first consider to be able to make a correct decision about whether jot is the best way to add more space to your property.

  1. Can the current structure of your home support the weight of the loft conversion

Obviously a loft conversion will add additional weight to the structure of your house, and even though it may only be a slight increase you must first assess whether your current house can support additional weight. You’ll need to check the existing foundations by bringing in a building control officer. If your current structure can’t support extra weight then you can still build a loft conversions but you will need to underpin your house to support the additional weight. Please note that this could double the cost of the project.

2. Head Height Availability

When your interior designer is creating CAD drawings of your project, make note of how much headroom will be created once the loft has been converted. If the plans aren’t clear then you may be disappointed once the project has been completed and then realise here is not much height room.

If there is no roof space for plumbing and water tanks then you may have t replace the entire heating and hot water system with a sealed system. firms like Loft Conversions Birmingham can cater to all your needs including ensuring that sufficient head room is built.

3. Loft Stairs

Loft stairs can be difficult to effectively design as space is tight. winding narrow stairs are often designed but in reality can be impractical especially because it makes it difficult to move furniture up them. However purpose built custom saris can be up to 10 times the cost of off the shelf stair solutions so you need to consider the price implications.

Be aware that if you wish to design  a custom stair case then you need to have your design approved by your building control officer before signing them off and building them. This is because there are several health and safety regulations that a staircase must adhere to. As part of the fire safety laws, stairs should always lead to a hallway or external door.

4.  Loft insulation

Despite loft conversions technology becoming hugely advanced in recent years,they are still difficult to insulate. The buildings sloping ceiling will need insulation material cut to size so it can fit between each individual rafter. The higher quality insulation material you purchase, the more effective it will be at keeping heat within your home. Similarly it is highly recommended that walls are insulated before plasterboard is fitted.

5. Fitting New Windows


Skylight windows are generally beautifully looking and are easily fitted because they do not require many structural alterations to be made.

Dormer windows are the opposite and can be notoriously more difficult to install because they are essentially their own structure, but if they are installed on the rear of your home it most likely will not require additional planning permission.

So there you have it, 5 important things to consider when you’re going throughout the loft conversion process.

The internet has developed at a rapid rate, just two decades ago you could barely create a connection strong enough to stream a short video. Today it can be used to do almost anything and if it disappeared to day the world would descend into chaos.

Search Engine Land conducted a recent Local Consumer Review Survey which investigated the way consumers behaviour has changed since the year 2010. One of the key findings that was discovered was that the people surveyed were just as likely to use the the internet to find vendors as they were to connect with their local network to get personal refer all and recommendations for local businesses.

This is great news for you, the consumer because it means that not only will the best vendors be in traditional forms of advertising but they will also be found online.

This is also fantastic news for business owners as its a clear indication that its more important than ever to develop a strong web presences. Below we have highlighted the key findings from the survey.

  • It was found that there has been a significant increase in the number of consumers who have actively used the internet to find local businesses, and local searches has greatly increased. From the finding only 15% of the people surveyed have not used the interred to source a local business in the past 12 months. this is a 6 % decrease from 21% that was recorded in 2010
  • The majority of those surveyed also used online review websites to help them make spending decisions, 27% of consumers regularly scour online reviews and 49% are occasions users of online reviews to help them make a final purchasing decision.
  • If use traditional methods of finding out reviews and references it could be very hard to find a large sample size for each company and would be very time consuming. By visiting review websites you can instantly find dozens of reviews for any business so you can almost make an instant decision about whether you’d like to use them. these reviews are also unbiased. 65% of consumers read between 3 and 10 reviews for any local business. This is an increase from 58% in 2010.
  • In fact online reviews are no being appreciated more than personal recommendations and are being trusted more. The finding from the survey show that 72% of consumers give the same weight to online reviews and they do personal referrals.


The best way to use the internet to find a great tradesman is to first do a simple google search and pick websites from the search results and inspect each website and gauge the feeling that you get from each one and whether each actually lists that they can carry out the job that you need.

Next you can look up each website on your shortlist on review sites to see how much past customers would rate their experience. This should whittle your list down to a maximum of 5. From here you can make direct contact with each business to further discuss your needs and requirements.

You should also be using the internet to help you find a tradesmen because it saves a huge amount time. Time isa precious resource and using traditional methods of finding a tradesmen such as supermarket message boards, personal recommendations and telephone directories are very time consuming and if the project is urgent then this can be a huge hinderance.